RAI China Office

RAI China office was founded in 2014 but the physical taskforce team was initially set up in Feb. 2019, started and led by Simon Ding.

The office is located in the south-west of Shanghai city and is about 20 minutes driving distance to Hongqiao Airport, 50 minutes to Pudong Airport, 40 minutes to the Bund, 20 minutes to Shanghai New National Convention Center, 45 minutes to SNIEC/World Expo Center and 30 minutes to the city center.

Currently RAI China is taking the lead of organizing Interclean China, coordinating the organization of Rematec Asia and coordinating the future of Intertraffic China. RAI China is not involved in Aquatech China.


Ruiang Convention and Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Room 10C2 Building G, No. 2337 Gudai Road
Minhang District, 201101



RAI China who is who

Selene Feng
Outbound Project assistant GreenTech
James Fu
Aquatech China Vice Project Manager
Christie Wang
Aquatech China Project Manager
Exharme Wang
Aquatech China Sales Supervisor
Jenny Zeng
Aquatech China Project Assistant
Cora Bao
Outbound Project assistant Metstrade/IBEX
Michael Zhang
Marketing Manager Interclean China
Hera Wu
Interclean China Marketing Executive
Laura Hu
Deputy Exhibition Manager Intertraffic China & Rematec Asia
Louis Liu
Sales Supervisor Intertraffic China
Shirley Li
Intertraffic China Marketing Supervisor
Elaine Ni
Intertraffic China Marketing Executive
Finny Ge
Marketing Supervisor Interclean China
Melody Quan
Outbound Project Executive
Dilys Feng
HR Manager