24 oktober 2021


HYROX is the new global sports movement. A competitive event, challenging athletes’ fitness both in strength and endurance with a measurable time and consistent, comparable set ups. Literally Every Body can compete. If you love working out, HYROX is the sport where you can show what you’ve got.

HYROX targets nearly 10 million gym members globally, hosting up to as many as 3,000 participants per event. All events are indoors with fantastic opportunities to make the HYROX experience a unique one. At each event, participants begin with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional workout, and repeat 8 times. Similar to a triathlon or marathon, participants across various divisions/age groups compete, finish, and are timed (via chips) on the same course.

Each season culminates with a HYROX World Championship of Fitness, where the best of the best from around the world compete. According to upsolut Sports Co-founder Christian Toetzke, “The fitness industry is still growing, especially on a global scale. Plenty of new products are entering the market, ranging from new boutique studio concepts, to training apps and equipment. But every new innovation is focused on enhancing training. So how do you attract more people to fitness and even more importantly how do you attract people to get more engaged in the way they train? Through competitive events, similar to what marathons did for running. HYROX is filling this large gap in the world of fitness and will change the perception of many gym members.  Now their training has a new, ongoing goal!”
After 10,000 participants were compelled to compete in this fitness event in Europe, in conjunction with our global


24 Oktober - 08:00 - 16:00  


RAI Amsterdam
Entree R 


€ 74