RAI Amsterdam and her suppliers

Welcome to RAI Amsterdam!

RAI Amsterdam and her suppliers make it possible to facilitate and organize more than 50 international conferences, 70 (trade) fairs, events and more than thousand conferences, presentations and meetings. On this platform suppliers can find information which will optimize the partnership between RAI Amsterdam and its suppliers.

In the event calendar you will find information about all upcoming events.

The current venue was opened in 1961. Prior to this, RAI was situated in the Ferdinand Bolstraat for 40 years (The 'old RAI'). From the founding until 1922, RAI did not own an exhibition centre, but used the famous Amsterdam Palace for folk industry (Amsterdamse Paleis voor Volksvlijt). The first RAI exhibition was held there in 1895. The RAI Association that organized this event was founded in 1893.

No. As a result of the European tobacco legislation, RAI Amsterdam has been smoke-free since July 1, 2008. The smoking ban applies to all RAI buildings, including the catering locations and garages. Smoking is not permitted during set-up or breakdown.

For the convenience of smokers, RAI has arranged smoking areas in several outdoor locations. Outside the entrances you will find smoking columns for exhibitors and visitors.

We would like to point out that the government imposes penalties on people and companies that do not abide by the legislation. As RAI will be liable in case of violations, we will pass on any fines to the companies or individuals involved. To avoid having to resort to such measures, we will actively ensure that the law is upheld. Furthermore we count on the kind cooperation of all our guests.

Unfortunately not. If you need to load or unload at the Central Warehouse, Technical Services, Kitchen Warehouse or Hall 3, the maximum vehicle height is 3.60 meter.

The maximum height allowed in the RAI P1-3/7 parking garages is 1.90 metres. The height of the P4 parking is 2.70 metres.

It is very important to know what and where certain activities happen in and around RAI Amsterdam. In this way we can ensure safety. Dangerous and risky activities require more preparation and attention. In order to identify which health, safety or environmental risks certain activities might incur, it is of vital importance to register these activities. This is regarding activities that are commissioned by RAI Amsterdam.

Activities that are commissioned by RAI Amsterdam and are carried out in or at:

  • On the roof;
  • In Technical areas;
  • On heights;
  • In confined spaces.

It is required to have a permit in these situations.

You can apply for a work permit here: apply

Registration is required to enter RAI Amsterdam. Rules and regulations can be found in the Facility Regulations.

All information about safety is explained here.

Our goal is to create a hospitable environment with an enhanced emphasis on safety and increased awareness of the issue. You can read everything about this in our Safe Working Practices Manual. This manual applies to everyone who has occasion to be in or near RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

In case of emergency we ask you to gather at one of the assembly points.

Is the red light on in the complex during construction or dismantling? if so, everyone is obligated to wear safety shoes and a helmet.
Purchase or rent your personal protective equipment, if you do not have them in the online shop or at the RAI hospitality crew centre.
There are several options:

  • Buy a package deal consisting the helmet and shoes;
  • Buy only the helmet or the shoes;
  • Rent only the shoes.

Your order will be waiting for you on the first contstruction day at the RAI hospitality crew centre.

RAI hospitality crew centre can be reached by email hospitalitycrewcentre@rai.nl.

All information about the use and disposal of hazardous substances is found in safe working practices manual.

Immediately contact +31 (0)20 549 12 34 when you witness a fire, accident or dangerous situation. Give the following information:

  • Report who you are;
  • What happened;
  • Where it happened;
  • The number of victims.

Stay with the victim(s) untill professional help arrives and grant first aid help if possible.

Report the malfunction of technical matter by calling +31 (0)20 549 14 60 or by planningts@rai.nl.

We can provide food and drinks during an event but also during the construction and dismantling. You can send your request to exhibitorservices@rai.nl or call Exhibitor Services on +31 (0)20 549 19 28.