Waste & logistics

100% recycling

We aim to recycle 100% of our waste. With our disposal partner, we strive for zero waste and see all waste simply as material looking for a new use: whether art, clothing or biofuel.

Achieving this involves the entire chain as we inspire people to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. This in turn requires finding innovative ways to collect waste and ensuring that it does not need to leave the RAI.

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Waste management during build-up, event and breakdown is based on the principle of 100% recycling, where producers pay for their own waste. Sorting waste results in cost reductions: residual waste is in fact the most expensive kind of rubbish. Waste management is good for your bottom line as well as the environment.

Do you have a stand at an event or conference?

We work closely together with processing company Beelen to separate as much waste as possible and work towards a cleaner and better environment. We offer special waste sorting equipment, such as containers, bags and bins.

Perhaps you have only a small stand? We provide small-scale sorting equipment for all kinds of waste. This will let you dispose of your waste in a simple way as it is removed and processed by Beelen. You will not have to worry about a thing and your stand will stay clean and tidy.


DB Schenker

There are many aspects to organising an event. How do my belongings get to the RAI Amsterdam and then to the stand? Where can and can’t I load and unload? At the RAI we work closely with our in-house logistics partner DB Schenker.

RAI Logistics Management System

With this system you can easily reserve a time slot for planning all freight deliveries to and from the RAI.

Logistic services

Internal transport

Our logistics partner DB Schenker has a permanent on-site office in RAI Amsterdam; at this office you will find a team of logistic specialists to support you in every logistical need. Transportation services can be planned and carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The logistics office is manned during the construction and disassembly periods, and also during the events. This allows for tailor-made solutions for all logistical needs and guarantees an optimal service for all participants.

On-site storage

There are two main freight storage facilities at RAI Amsterdam (at the Holland and Europe complexes) with a total surface area of 1,442 m². In addition, the logistics team has available storage facilities at close vicinity of the RAI and will offer you a tailor made solution.

Unloading and loading services

DB Schenker qualified and certified personnel will carry out these services with a range of modern lifting equipment. All the equipment complies with the latest environmental regulations. All the equipment complies with the latest environmental regulations. A number of forklifts are permanently on site, cranes and other heavy equipment must be ordered in advance.

Traffic management

During busy construction and disassembly hours, RAI Amsterdam creates ‘buffer’ zones for trucks. By using buffer zones traffic controllers manage the limited space at the working terraces. They retrieve the trucks from the buffer zone when a loading spot becomes available and ensure that trucks do not remain longer than necessary. This service is supervised to ensure the timely loading/unloading of trucks.

Customs clearance facilities

Customs clearance in the Netherlands is swift. The clearance can be facilitated by RAI Amsterdam using the customs license and bond of DB Schenker. Clearance of customs bonded goods at RAI Amsterdam takes about one hour; it is possible for goods to be either cleared permanently or temporarily. Customs duties and taxes are due when permanently importing goods, the duties and taxes are waived in case of temporary entries when using the customs agreement of our logistic partner and under the obligation of re-exportation of the bonded goods. Clearance of air and sea freight shipments can also be handled at the port of entry in the Netherlands: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Port of Rotterdam. Clearance at the airport usually takes four to six hours, port clearance will take one or two days.

Inland transportation

The DB Schenker logistics team plans and coordinates the transportation of inbound and outbound sea and airfreight. Agents at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and the Port of Rotterdam direct the local operations.

International freight forwarding

The logistics team can arrange transportation of exhibits from all over the world and facilitate the return at the end of the event. As a global player with offices worldwide, the logistics team provides global coverage of freight forwarding services.