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The Annual report 2023 of RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam is a fully independent company financed by private means. Each year we publish our annual report, which gives a comprehensive review of our current activities and our vision for the future.

All our activities come under RAI Holding B.V. This holding is owned by Amsterdam Council (25%) and the RAI Association (75%).

Below you can read the foreword by our CEO which includes some highlights of this past year as well as the complete reports of recent years. To view the full highlights as well as the annual report 2023, please click on the image.

Foreword by the CEO

2023 marked a period of substantial growth and meaningful impact, both within RAI Amsterdam and in the wider community.

What struck me personally last year was the interaction on our exhibition floor. These moments of meeting and exchange, organised and facilitated by our people, demonstrated the power of events to bring together and stimulate sectors. From horticulture to water technology, each gathering reflected our contribution to ongoing innovation and sustainability in various industries. That we were able to facilitate external organisers, including medical conferences, reinforces our pride. It is an honour to be part of this essential knowledge expansion that directly contributes to scientific and societal progress.

2023 was also a year of recovery and balance. After an intensive period of adjustment post-Corona, we have found a balance between production, efficiency, and innovation. This resulted in a year where, together with our partners and the city of Amsterdam, we could further build our social and economic value.

Looking ahead to 2024, we continue to commit to innovation and collaboration. With our partners and the municipality, we will further develop our area vision, with the goal of creating even more value for all stakeholders.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success this year. Your commitment and passion are the core of our progress.

Kind regards,
Paul Riemens
CEO, RAI Amsterdam

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