Frequently asked questions

There will be a total of 4 entrances. You can find the location of each one in the floor plan.

Yes, of course we allow our exhibitors to visit their booth space and the new venue before the show starts. For a first overview we recommend to take a look at the floor plan.

Dogs are not allowed in RAI Amsterdam.
Assistance dogs are always welcome in RAI Amsterdam.

Yes, you’re able to enter the venue and enjoy the event with your mobility scooter.

Wheelchair assistants get free access to events organised by RAI Amsterdam. The person using the wheelchair will need to show a valid disability card and will need to pay for his/her own ticket. It will be clearly stated which exhibitions are organised by the RAI Amsterdam on the website.

When borrowing a wheelchair at RAI Amsterdam, the assistent will not receive free entry.

RAI Amsterdam is accessible for people using a wheelchair. The aisles at the show floor are spacious and the surface is flat. Elevators and disability toilets are available. Visitors with an official 'disability card' can follow route 7 to P7-parking garage. The regular RAI parking rate also applies with a disabled parking permit.

It is possible to borrow a wheelchair. A reservation is needed and can be made by sending an email to Please provide us with the following information:

  • Name;
  • Telephone number;
  • Date;
  • Event/exhibition name.

A valid ID is mandatory.


This is possible. Please make sure you ask for a hand stamp at the entrance before you leave the building so you can enter the venue again when you return.

As a professional exhibition and conference organiser, RAI Amsterdam naturally follows social developments closely. Our Safety & Security department stays in contact with the government authorities. RAI Amsterdam aims to achieve a balance between safety and hospitality, to make sure guests can enjoy their visit to RAI Amsterdam.

RAI Amsterdam 'houses' 700 narrowcasting screens all over the building and in the exhibiting halls, a system called RAILive!
The screens show your location, halls, rooms, routes and events.

Yes, it is possible to borrow a wheelchair during major public events. Reservation in advance is necessary, send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Date of retrieval
  • Event/exhibition name

Borrowing a wheelchair is free. We do ask for a cash deposit of € 50.00. The cash deposit will be returned upon return of the undamaged wheelchair.
You are in need of a valid ID upon collection.


No. As a result of the European tobacco legislation, RAI Amsterdam has been smoke-free since July 1, 2008. The smoking ban applies to all RAI buildings, including the catering locations and garages. Smoking is not permitted during set-up or breakdown.

Yes, you can leave your coat in the cloak room for € 2.00.

A limited number of large luggage lockers is available in RAI Amsterdam. These lockers are accessible during events which use entrance C, the entrance to the Holland Complex.
Please visit the website of Lockerpoint Luggage Storage for more information, such as the dimensions of the lockers.

Of course you can also use our cloakroom.

There are ATM's available at entrance C and K of the RAI. The information desk at various entrances can give you directions to their exact location.

There will be plenty of catering facilities on-site offering a wide range of foods catering to a wide range of tastes, including Asian and Western. The offer varies by event, check here for more information.

Catering points are available throughout the exhibition complex. Check here for more information. 


There will be plenty of catering facilities on-site offering a wide range of foods catering to a wide range of tastes, including Asian and Western. The offer varies by event, check here for more information.


RAI Amsterdam offers all visitors acces to its public wifi network in the Congress Centre. Whether the wifi capabilities and the wifi network are extended depends on the organisation and therefore it varies per event.

Yes, air conditioning is in use throughout the entire venue.

The Baby Care Lounge is equipped with three comfortable chairs, a baby changing bench with two cushions, a playpen, a refrigerator and a sink with hot and cold water. Access to the Baby Care Lounge is controlled by a key system and the room can be locked from the inside by means of a cylinder lock. The key is available from Reception D on the ground floor of the Elicium by Entrance D and must be returned after use.

You can use a microwave in the designated area with baby facilities.

Yes. The Prayer Room has a washroom and two private cubicles where people of all faiths can pray or meditate in a peaceful environment. The Prayer Room is always open and accessible via Entrance D at level -1. The two private cubicles for prayer/meditation can be locked from the inside.

The current venue was opened in 1961. Prior to this, the RAI was situated in the Ferdinand Bolstraat for 40 years. Where currently care centre d'Oude Raai stands. From the founding until 1922, the RAI did not own an exhibition centre, but used the famous Amsterdam Palace for folk industry (Amsterdamse Paleis voor Volksvlijt). The first RAI exhibition was held there in 1895. The RAI Association that organized this event was founded in 1893.

Rijwiel and Automobiel Industrie, which translates to: Bicycle and Automotive Industry.

You may arrive 15 min before your time slot. Depending on traffic and space, we will check whether you can enter the work terrace straight away. Should you be late (later than 30 min), we recommend that you reschedule your booking to a later time.

Yes, we work with the RAI Logistics Management System (RAI LMS) for registering freight deliveries. For access and optimum traffic flow, during set-up and breakdown of most events and for loading and unloading at the RAI, we ask you to reserve a time slot in advance via

You can amend your booking at a later date. Please complete your booking before the driver arrives at the RAI.
No, duplicate and consecutive bookings are not allowed. These will also be deleted. The idea is that you book a time slot for loading/unloading and only afterwards proceed to carry out your activities in the hall. If you need a few minutes longer, you can do so in consultation with the coordinator on duty at the traffic controllers. 

However, you may make a booking in the morning hours to deliver stuff and again in the afternoon to collect your empties if necessary. Please note you need a valid booking if you want to enter a work terrace with a vehicle.
Certain vehicles such as vans lower than 2.70 m in height and passenger cars cannot make a booking in RAI LMS as they are not allowed on the work terrace. This is stated in our Traffic Regulations. You cannot therefore make a booking or you will see an error message.
There are a number of places available per time slot. If your preferred time slot is not available, all places are fully booked. In that case, please choose the next available time slot.
The event will be online in RAI LMS three weeks before build-up.
Vehicles up to 2.70 m high can be parked in the car parks P1 to P4. Vehicles taller than 2.70 m should park at the designated daytime parking location after the end of the time slot. Please ask the traffic controller about this location.

No, the loading and unloading area is not meant for vans. These vans must park in the P1/P2/P3 garage (up to 1.90 m high) P4 (up to 2.70 m high). Goods lifts are available in the P1, P3 and P4 garages.
Exceptions are made during certain events. Please check the Traffic Regulations of the event concerned. These can be found on our website under exhibiting. 

During build-up and breakdown hours, parking is free. Vehicles parked in the garage can leave the parking facility by scanning their build-up badge at the garage exit. Truck traffic parked at a day parking location can leave the premises free of charge without any action needed.

You can check our entrance policy here

Thank you for your interest. RAI Amsterdam frequently has positions open for various functions but you are more than welcome to submit an open job application .
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In the event calendar you will find information about all upcoming events.

Nice that you are interested in RAI Amsterdam. We offer one-stop-shop solutions for exhibitions and conferences. If you would like more information about organising an event at the RAI, call +31 (0)20 549 12 12 or email

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When you see your lost item on the iLost website, let us know as quickly as possible. We will ask you a few questions to make sure the item that you are claiming is indeed yours. After that it’s simple: you pick up your object or have it delivered at home.

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