Exclusive provider: DB Schenker

RAI Amsterdam has appointed Schenker International as exclusive logistic services provider to the RAI exhibition and convention centre.

To ensure the safety of our guests and a smooth process, only DB Schenker employees are authorised to provide motorised or electric transport in the halls and outdoor premises (this also applies to the electric loading and unloading of goods from trucks).

Other parties are allowed to use manually driven equipment.

For specific questions or more information, contact:
DB Schenker B.V.
T 020 549 27 90
E fairs.amsterdam@dbschenker.com

Shipping goods

You can also send goods or brochure material you wish to exhibit to RAI Amsterdam in advance. DB Schenker will carefully store these and ensure they are delivered to the stand at the requested time. Check the shipping instructions before use. Go to the webshop for the exact rates.

For specific questions or more information, contact:

DB Schenker B.V.
T +31 20 549 27 90
E fairs.amsterdam@dbschenker.com

DB Schenker

Internal transport

The international freight forwarder has a permanent office in RAI Amsterdam and works with a team of logistics experts. Transportation services can be planned and carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The logistics office is staffed not only during the setup and breakdown periods, but also during the events themselves. The company provides flexible solutions for unplanned logistical needs and ensures optimum service for individual participants.

Storage on location

There are two major storage facilities at RAI Amsterdam (in the Holland and Europe complexes) with a total floor area of 1,442 m². In addition, the logistics team can create temporary storage facilities by placing temporary buildings or creating secure areas (using fences).


Our qualified and certified staff provide these services with the help of a wide range of modern lifting equipment, all of which meets the latest environmental requirements. Although a number of forklifts are on site permanently, cranes must be ordered in advance.

Traffic control

During the busy setup and breakdown periods, the RAI creates buffer zones for trucks. The traffic controllers regulate the limited space on the job terraces. They call the trucks out of the buffer zone when space is freed up and ensure that trucks don’t remain on the terraces any longer than necessary. The logistics team is involved with this service, so that trucks can load and unload on time.

Customs clearance

If you need to deal with customs formalities, these can be facilitated by RAI Amsterdam via its customs licence and the warehouse of the logistics partner. The processing of goods in the warehouse at RAI Amsterdam takes about an hour, and the import can be declared as permanent or temporary. Permanent customs clearance requires customs duties and tax to be paid. Temporary import is exempt from duties and taxes as long as the warehouse of the logistics partner is used, provided that the goods in the warehouse are re-exported again. Air and sea freight can also be declared at the port of entry into the Netherlands, i.e. Schiphol or the port of Rotterdam. Clearance usually takes between four and six hours at the airport, and one to two days in the harbour.