Cash Dispensers

There are ATM’s from ABN Amro bank and GWK Travelex available within the RAI. These are located at entrances C and K. GWK Travelex accepts the following cards: Plus, VISA, VISA Electron, VISA Pay, MasterCard, Cirrus, Maestro.

Mobile charging stations

We offer chargebars during events. These chargebars are machines placed on different locations that allow visitors to charge their phones in a safe way. The chargebars are available on three different locations.


Baby Care Lounge

The Baby Care Lounge is equipped with three comfortable chairs, a baby changing bench with two cushions, a playpen, a refrigerator and a sink with hot and cold water. Access to the Baby Care Lounge is controlled by a key system and the room can be locked from the inside by means of a cylinder lock.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room has a washroom and two private cubicles where your guests, regardless of their faith, can pray or meditate in a peaceful environment. The Prayer Room is always open and accessible via Entrance D at level -1. The two private cubicles can be closed from the inside for peace and privacy.