Layout options

Room design

A great number of facilities are ‘included’ in the room- or hall rental fee.
In the documents below you will find all included facilities for your rented spaces:

You can find pictures of the included materials, such as a flipover, a lectern and a table here.

Whenever you need additional materials, facilities or services, please let your Account Manager know. Some examples of these additional items can be found here.

Layout options

Our wide range of furnishing options will help give your event the top-quality look & feel it deserves. From carpets to decorations, we can supply specialists in every field.

Stylish carpets
Finish the look of your event with stylish carpets in the colour of your choice. Our suppliers provide many different types of carpeting, including sustainable options, needle felt, velour carpets and heavier varieties from the roll. In addition, they can supply display flannel and cotton in a variety of colours to clad your walls and ceilings.

The latest trends in furniture design
Our furniture suppliers provide a wide range of exhibition, conference and event furniture featuring unique designs, premium quality and the finest materials with a focus on sustainable procurement and climate-neutral operations.

Creative styling
Our creative partner in exhibition and event decorations supplies a wide range of interiors, decorations and styling items for your events that can be leased for your stand, exhibition or event as a whole. The portfolio ranges from furniture, trees, plants and flowers to decorative items and other styling products, with a focus on offering a creative yet practical overall experience and styling.

Got any specific requirements? Your account manager can help you achieve the right look & feel for your event.