Flying drones

The use of drones is becoming more common. These can be remotely controlled unmanned helicopters, multicopters or aircraft, from large to small.

In the Netherlands professional flying with a drone is regulated by law. It is not allowed to use your drone for commercial purposes without permit. Consider photographing a building or event on commission, or making a video for the promotion of a certain product or service.

Read more information on the website of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate

In view of the close proximity of the Convention Centre to Schiphol Airport and the regulations applicable to the surrounding airspace, it is not permitted to fly a drone (also called an Unmanned Aircraft System, or USA) anywhere outside the Convention Centre.

Flying in the halls or other areas of RAI Amsterdam

Flying with a drone inside the Convention Centre is only permitted with the prior written approval of RAI.

Read more information in our accommodation regulations - Legislation and Regulations for Drones »