Obviously you require your space, lounge or hall to be fitted with the best sound and light systems and/or furnishings. All this equipment must be suspended or mounted, usually by fixing it to the ceilings. This process is known as ‘rigging’.

To ensure the rigging proceeds properly and safely, RAI Amsterdam has one dedicated partner which will help you safely organise all your furnishings, and audio, video and lighting equipment. In special cases a different supplier (rigger) may be used. However, in such a case the temporary written consent of RAI’s Technical Department is required (see our Annex 2). When RAI agrees that a different supplier may be used, the supplier has to submit a rigging plan to RAI’s Account Management.The rigging plan requires the approval of RAI’s Technical Department (see our accommodation regulations, annex 2).

The maximum authorised loading of the roofs and ceilings of the Convention Centre differs according to the type of space. Information about this is given in our rigging handbook. This also describes all the other rigging requirements to be fulfilled by a supplier.