One of the main objectives for Amsterdam RAI’s Security & Safety Department is to improve its service to customers via a permanent security team. This ensures that the RAI Convention Centre is an even safer and more welcoming place.

The RAI’s security is in the hands of a permanent team. Security Officers led by a Security & Safety Manager will organise and carry out the daily operations. Floor Managers are managing the pool of security staff.

Amsterdam RAI security staff meet multiple requirements. They are:

  • qualified security guards;
  • in possession of a certificate of good conduct (VOG certificate;;
  • fluent in Dutch and English;;
  • experienced and specialised in safeguarding exhibitions, exhibition halls and stands;;
  • part of the RAI security team and under the supervision, control and management of the security coordinators.

For more information about our security rules and regulations see our accommodation regulations

Stand security

Your exhibitors can focus on their business contacts and the presentation of their products and services. Our experienced security staff are monitoring their stand and possessions during the setup, duration and breakdown of the exhibition – including, naturally, outside of regular opening hours.

Stand security requires a different approach than standard security tasks. In addition to monitoring your stand and inventory, security guards must meet additional requirements in terms of service provision and hospitality.

  • Supervision and security
  • Your stand and property are protected. Activities related to security are based on Amsterdam RAI’s house rules and security instructions.
  • Continuity and reliability
    The security staff are part of Amsterdam RAI’s security team. This experienced team is responsible for the overall security of the RAI complex, including events, exhibitions and stands.
  • Representative and recognisable

Our security employees contribute to the representative appearance of your stand. Employees wear a standard and recognisable RAI security uniform. In the evening and at night, they wear reflective vests imprinted with the words ‘Stand Security’. Your exhibitors can order stand security easily in the webshop prior to the event.