More information about our electrical service

Electricity is an essential element during your event. Requirements about electricity are included in the accommodation regulations.
The connection to the electricity network of the RAI is done by our regular supplier Mansveld Expotech. For more information about the electricity, contact your Account Manager at the RAI.


Mansveld Expotech
T +31(0)20 312 80 80
F +31(0)20 321 80 90


T +31(0)20 549 27 20
F +31(0)20 646 49 96

Day time power and continuous power

Electricity comes into RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre via outlets in the hall floor. To make the most of these electricity connections we recommend distributing and assigning the stands in such a way that each stand is positioned over one of the outlets.

For installing additional electricity connections, we require an order with a floor plan (available to exhibitors in the RAI webshop) indicating where the connection is needed. We cannot guarantee the desired position will be possible. To find out about the consumption of various types of equipment, check our overview of equipment power consumption.

Overview power regulations

We provide day power or continuous power, depending on the equipment that is to be connected. Day time power is switched on and off centrally at predetermined times and is sufficient for features such as stand lighting. Continuous power is available 24/7 from the moment it is switched on during the final setup day (or sooner upon request) to one hour after the exhibition closes on the final day of the exhibition. These connections are often used for computers, refrigerators and freezers.