RAI Amsterdam is authorised by the municipality to grant permits for event-specific activities, in and around the RAI. If you, for instance, want to hand out leaflets, use floor stickers or other signing on the square in front of the complex or inside, during the event, you’ll need a permit. The same applies for instance for lotteries, raffles or collections.



Most permits are required to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the RAI. For instance, in order to prevent salmonella contamination when using water for ponds or fountains a permit is needed. The same goes for using fire for baking and cooking or serving food in any way, a permit is required.

If your exhibitors would like to build double deck stands, stages or bleachers, the designs need to be checked by a safety officer as well. This is to ensure the safety of the construction.

Our very own Permit Department will handle all applications and completes all safety checks. Your Account Manager can help you if you have any questions about permits or if you might need a permit.

Together we create a safe and hospitable environment for your event.