Loading & unloading

Loading and unloading

In consultation with our Traffic Managers, we will create a traffic regulations plan for your event. The plan will include specific loading and unloading agreements. In general, the following regulations apply:

Build-up and breakdown
Vehicles with a height up to 2.70 m can park in one of the garages to (un)load: P1 to P3 for heights up to 1.90 m and P4 for up to 2.70 m. These vehicles can park free of charge during build-up and exit the garage with a personal build-up badge. Vehicles higher than 2.70 m can (un)load on the loading dock. They can park in the day parking area free of charge after unloading during the build-up period.

Deliveries during events
Delivering supplies to stands and/or removing packaging is only allowed outside of the hours that the exhibition is open to the public, and only between 08.00 and 10.00 in the morning. Different times can be determined in consultation with our Event Management team. Please note: delivery of heavy pallets is not possible as they damage the carpeting in the halls.

RAI Logistics Management System (RLMS)

From autumn 2021, RAI Amsterdam will be working with the RAI Logistics Management System. With this new system you can easily reserve a time slot for planning all freight deliveries to and from the RAI.

On arrival, the truck is scanned and sent directly to its reserved loading and unloading location. With the help of this system we can better coordinate the logistics movements in and around the RAI. By spreading the freight traffic during the day, we ensure a faster flow.


Your benefits:

  • Book the time slot that suits you best
  • No queue in and around the RAI
  • Stops searching, your truck driver will be sent directly to the reserved loading and unloading location
  • Schedule staff efficiently, you know when the goods will arrive
  • Safer and quieter working environment
  • Faster access to your stand