Hall 5

Expansion Hal 5

Hall 5 was rebuilt at the end of 2019. The original Hall was built in 1961 and is located in the Europa complex next to Hall 1. It can be used as a stand-alone hall or in combination with the surrounding halls. The hall will be extended by 30 metres to provide approximately 4,000 m2 of multifunctional exhibition space. The new glass facade will give it a modern and open appearance towards the nearby residential area.

Park Foyer

The renovated Park Foyer has been given an open and multifunctional character. The extra passages (7 metres wide) to hall 8 and a movable wall between the Park Foyer and the public space on the first floor make this space suitable for use as an extension of the hall capacity but also for presentations or dinners.

Park Foyer
new catering outlet hall 1

Renewal catering points

Fancy a sandwich, healthy smoothie or freshly baked pizza? In hall 1 our fixed catering points have been renewed. Sufficiently cosy, good seating areas and a varied range of products will provide you with a moment of networking or rest during your visit to the RAI.

Improvement in visitor flow at entrance C

In order to continue to guarantee a safe environment for our visitors, at entrance C an extra staircase has been placed next to the existing stairs and escalators. This will improve the flow of visitors in the direction of halls 10, 11 and 12 and ensure faster access control.

improvement entrance C
Forum complex

Forum Complex - Rooms E103 to E108

In the Forum Complex, halls E103 to E108 have been rebuilt in various phases. By placing five sliding walls, the rooms can be used separately from each other but can also be joined together to form one or more large rooms. The high halls have been given an exterior facade made entirely of glass. It goes without saying that blackout is possible using blackout or sun screens.