Diversity & Inclusion

RAI Amsterdam is there for everybody

Because we value the strength that comes from embracing differences. We want to create an environment where everyone not only excels professionally but also feels like they belong. At RAI Amsterdam, diversity isn't merely a goal; it's an integral part of our identity, and inclusivity isn't just a concept; it's the essence of how we want each person to experience our shared space. RAI Amsterdam strives to be an inclusive culture where we embrace diversity. Inclusion means that everyone feels like they belong and feel appreciated for who they are.

At RAI Amsterdam, we are committed to building a future that is beneficial not only for organizers, exhibitors, and visitors but also for our neighbors, employees, stakeholders, the city of Amsterdam, and its residents. We plan and collaborate to develop RAI into a welcoming, healthy, and inviting place where everyone feels welcome and at home.

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By 2026 RAI Amsterdam has taken steps towards having a personnel database that is a better reflection of the population Amsterdam.

All employees feel like they are part of RAI Amsterdam and everyone has access to equal opportunities and is respected regardless of who they are or where they are from.


RAI Amsterdam is for everyone.

RAI Amsterdam aims for an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity.

Inclusion means that everyone feels engaged and valued. Not despite of but thanks to our differences.



We will achieve this via proactive efforts in the Diversity & Inclusion sphere.

We will devise a plan with employees and management that ensures everyone at RAI Amsterdam is aware of the importance of Diversity & Inclusion.

We will maintain continuous dialogue and cooperation in this framework and measure our impact periodically.




Our house is your home




RAI Amsterdam has a team which is completely focused on strengthening our diverse, equal and inclusive culture. The key question of the team is always ‘What do you need to be successful?’. In this way, we encourage everyone to get the best out of themselves. The team does the work on various projects, holds discussions with colleagues and refines the objectives and ambitions. They also organize events within the organization.  
twenty percent active diversity policies are implemented
seven percent of all employees have a non-western background
the hourly wage gap between men and women ranges from ten to fourty percent.

"I am very proud that RAI is taking up this issue and that RAI will soon be the workplace for everyone just as it is for all our events.".

Jaimie Roelofs Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador

Focus Areas

We are focusing on two pillars: Social Safety and Belonging. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, disability, origin or religion.  

We maintain a constant focus on these two pillars. For example, we have an ambassador network to roll-out projects in order to improve our practices upon these focus themes. In addition, we have events throughout the year, linked to the theme of diversity and inclusion, such as Leader Day 2024 and Diversity Week. 
Sociale veiligheid icoon

Social Safety

Social safety is the cornerstone of a healthy work environment. It is not only a matter of physical safety, but also a sense of well-being and acceptance. At RAI Amsterdam, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe to share their ideas, give feedback and ask questions. A culture of social safety promotes open communication, understanding and respect for diversity. We recognize that differences in background, experiences and perspectives enhance the strength of our team.

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Belonging icoon


Belonging, or feeling connected, is key to a positive work environment. At RAI Amsterdam, we believe everyone has the right to feel valued and accepted, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, ancestry or religion.

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