Affordable parking in the RAI P+R

Cheap parking

P+R RAI Amsterdam is one of the P+R locations where you can park your car for a special rate and then easily visit the centre of Amsterdam by public transport. Metro 52 or tram 4 stops in front of the RAI and brings you to the heart of Amsterdam within a few minutes.

During large events it may be possible that the P + R location is not available or parking is only possible for the regular daily rate. Always check our availability in the overview below and the signs on the public road and at the entrance of the garage.


P+R RAI Amsterdam may be closed

It is possible that our P+R location is closed. We are happy to inform you about this so that you are not faced with any surprises. And even then, in exceptional cases it can also happen that we have to close a P+R location during the day. In that case this will be indicated on the matrix signs before the exits to the RAI on the A10 ringway.

Check the calendar on the right to find out when our P+R location is closed:

How P + R works

Benefit from the advantageous parking rate and park your car in one of our spacious garages. Use your own public transport card or buy a P+R GVB card in our P+R area, next to the P1 pedestrian entrance. Don't forget on your way back to the RAI your last check-in or changeover must take place in the city centre area. Pay within 1 hour after your last check-out at the payment terminal in parking garage P1, P2 or P4. You can exit our parking garage without an exit ticket.

NB: You will not receive a discount on parking if you check in and out of public transport using a debit/credit card, mobile phone, smartwatch or the barcode on an (e)-ticket such as a public transport ticket purchased via the GVB app.

For more information about P+R in Amsterdam, take a look at the P+R Amsterdam website.

P+R at RAI Amsterdam

Park your car in the garages P1/2/3/4. You can only pay for the special P+R parking rate in P1/2/4, but you can leave from all garages.

Parking rate
Workdays before 10:00 hours: € 13.00 per 24 hours
Workdays after 10:00 hours: € 6.00 per 24 hours
Weekend and public holidays: € 6.00 per 24 hours

You can only park at the RAI for the P+R fee for 24 hours. After this period, the rate of 5.50 per hour applies, with a maximum of 32.00 per day.