Event-related permits

RAI Amsterdam is one of the few private companies in the Netherlands allowed to regulate and maintain event-related permits in a number of fields. This has made procedures much more simple and faster for you.

Note: for each event the organiser determines which permissions can be applied for.


A permit is required to organise a lottery or competition. A license is required to supervise and to ensure that the rules for games of chance are complied with. This permit will be accepted or rejected in consultation with the organiser.

Flyers and samples

A permit is also required to promote your product or service with flyers or samples. RAI Amsterdam can arrange this permit for you both inside the complex and outside on the square. You need a permit from the municipality to distribute flyers outside the RAI site.

Open water

Do you use "open" liquids on your stand? Due to the possibility of leakage, water damage or, for example, legionella, you need permission from RAI Amsterdam for the use of water on your stand. The permit is required for (functional) use of 'open liquids' such as fountains, high-pressure cleaners, humidifiers, shower equipment, saunas or whirlpools and separate air-conditioning systems. You do not need special permission for normal kitchen use of water.

Open fire and pressure containers

We like to keep it safe. That is why we would like to know if you work with fire. If you have an open fire or if you use pressure containers (for example gas bottles) on your stand, request permission from us. This also applies to the use of fuel engines and when baking, roasting, deep-frying or cooking.

High risers and bleechers

Do you want to build a stand with a storey, a stage or bleechers? Then you'll need permission from sixty centimeters and higher.

If you would like to know more about permits, please contact