Safe & hospitable events

Since our founding in 1893, the RAI has been known as an organisation where safety and hospitality are of paramount importance. With 125 years of experience in organising and facilitating events, and therefore also in security and regulating visitor flows, we have acquired a solid position in this.

We now welcome an average of 1.5 million visitors at approximately 500 events per year. This makes us one of Europe's busiest exhibition and conference centres and we occupy a leading position as the international exhibition and conference organisation in the Netherlands. A great diversity of people and resources intersect and follow each other. In order to guarantee hospitality and safety for all involved, we work on improving safety every day. Both online and offline and from the build-up to the breakdown of events.

General Access Policy

The General Access Policy is designed to contribute to a safe and hospitable RAI Amsterdam, and applies to everyone on the premises or in the buildings.


Smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited at RAI Amsterdam. This applies to the building, parking garages, and entrances. This also includes electronic cigarettes. Therefore, RAI has provided special smoking facilities at designated locations on the RAI premises where smoking is allowed. These locations are marked with the green smoking symbol. Smokers are expected to smoke at these designated areas and dispose of cigarettes in the provided ashtrays.

Safe working

In addition to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment, we also work to maintain safety awareness. We want to inform you about the measurements regarding safe construction and breakdown of events, the Safe Working handbook and the work permit to work safely.


Coronavirus and RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam is following the measures announced by the Dutch government to prevent any further spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.
The RAI is fully prepared to bring people together safely and let them experience again the power of connections in both the physical as well as the virtual world.