A lot is involved in the logistics surrounding a busy event. On this page you can find everything about the transport of the (stand) goods to RAI Amsterdam.

The traffic regulations can be selected per event in the menu below. When 1 month before the start, your event is not listed, the General Traffic Regulations can be used.



Parking for exhibitors

If you are coming to the RAI with one or more passenger cars, you can buy parking tickets in the Exhibitor Services Webshop.


Max. speed

The maximum speed permitted on the exhibition grounds of RAI Amsterdam is 10 km/h.


Service elevator

In parking facility P1, 3 & 4 is a service elevator present, these elevators bring your supplies to hall 8-12.



Every taxi company can bring you to the RAI. However we only allow TCA taxis on the premises to pick up visitors.

 Let op

Please note

  • If you bring vehicles of any kind onto the exhibition grounds of RAI Amsterdam you do so at your own risk and you must have a valid permit, access pass or build-up badge. During the event you do need a valid parking ticket to leave the parking facility.
  • Instructions by employees of RAI Amsterdam must be followed.

Towing arrangement

RAI Amsterdam reserves the right to remove vehicles which are parked illegally or when (un)loading time is expired, at the cost and risk of the person responsible for parking/stopping.



RAI Amsterdam disclaims all liability for accuracy of the information provided and reserves the right to make changes in traffic management at short notice in response to external traffic conditions.