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Unique partnership between ROC college and the RAI

Friday, 11 January 2019

RAI Amsterdam and the ROC college have entered into a unique cooperative venture aimed at supporting ‘Urban Sport’ students with their education. The scheme will give 21 ROC students access to various spaces in and around the RAI as training locations in the coming years. This will help ensure that the spaces have a social purpose during the times when they are not in use or rented out.

ROC Urban Sport 
The ROC college in Amsterdam started the new intermediate vocational (MBO) Urban Sport course this year. Students will learn how to become Urban Sport Trainers, a role that involves stimulating people to exercise by developing and organising activities in inner city locations. The ultimate goal is to get the city of Amsterdam moving.

Sports in empty halls, stairwells and parking garages
In order to organise the course, the ROC was looking for locations where students could develop and try out sports activities. The students can now start using the spaces that are being unused by the RAI during certain periods. From exhibition spaces to stairwells, the students will have access to locations that are an ideal playing field for creating challenging exercises, ranging from a bootcamp in the Europa Hall, dance lessons on the stage of the Auditorium or skateboarding on the top level of parking garage 4. The students will regularly invite local residents to join them in the activities they are developing. For more information about the course or the upcoming activities, contact Kick Koenders at ROC Amsterdam.