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Sixt share shared cars het a fixed place in RAI Amsterdam

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

SIXT and RAI Amsterdam are expanding their partnership, with fixed places for the shared cars of SIXT share. Since January 2017, SIXT has had a successful location in RAI Amsterdam to provide local residents and visitors with rental cars. Shared cars are now also being added.

Since June 2020, the 100% electric shared cars from SIXT share can be found throughout Amsterdam. Users of these cars can take them anywhere and put them down again, including in Rotterdam and The Hague. Finding, opening and starting the car is done via the SIXT app. Users only pay for the minutes they use the car. From May 15, 2021, two SIXT share cars will be permanently available in parking garage P4 of the RAI. These electric cars are charged using solar panels on the roof of the garage. Driving in and out is done automatically based on license plate.

Due to the growing popularity of SIXT share, the availability of the cars is becoming increasingly important. That is why SIXT will offer continuous availability at strategically located locations in Amsterdam, starting at RAI Amsterdam. Karen van den Boom, director of SIXT Benelux explains: “More and more Amsterdammers are discovering the convenience of our shared cars. Our main task is therefore to ensure that people do not miss out when they want to use SIXT share. The permanent presence of our cars at RAI Amsterdam ensures that a shared car is always available when the user wishes. The RAI is the perfect location for this ”.

Sustainable solution
Berend Bouwman, Business Development Manager at RAI Amsterdam adds: “We are pleased that we are expanding our cooperation with Sixt and that we can now also offer local residents and our visitors a shared car. It is great that we can do this in a sustainable way by using our solar panels to charge these cars ”.

For more information download the Sixt app and open the share app.