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Donation Room for social initiatives during IBC 2022

Friday, 16 September 2022

On the last day of IBC, the donation programme for social neighbourhood initiatives kicked off. Exhibitors were able to donate leftover items that meet the needs of affiliated community initiatives to our donation team. After which, the collected items get a valuable second life there where they are much needed. This edition, the team consisted of 20 volunteers from community centre Hendrik de Keijser, Puur Zuid, and the ROC of Amsterdam. Several residents living in the old Holiday Inn at the head of the Boelelaan/ Europaboulevard where HVO Querido organises reception, also helped out. They collected items during this Donation Programme for their refugee centre.

An impressive result
The donation programme during the IBC was a great success. Besides lots of food, drinks and cleaning items, also plants, furniture and, for example, coffee machines were donated. Thanks to the large group of volunteers in the donation team, a lot of fresh fruit could already be brought to the Boelelaan where Ukrainian refugees are hosted.

All collected items found valuable new destinations through the affiliated initiatives. For example, the community centre of Puur Zuid was brightened up with a nice amount of furniture. Also, many cleaning products, toys and food went to the shelter for Ukrainian refugees on the Boelelaan. The ROC of Amsterdam made a great start on furnishing the new base of their Urban Sport Trainer course thanks to many collected furniture and decorations.

The donation room was very successful this edition thanks to the many volunteers who came to reinforce the donation team. These volunteers were both grateful for the experience and for the items collected. For instance, Andriy from the refugee centre on de Boelelaan said the following about this:

"This was my first time volunteering and it was very cool. I enjoyed the donation room a lot because I had a lot of conversations, and I was smiling the whole time. The situation was quite interesting because people were willing to donate. They were donating with joy, and I think that is nice because when you do not need something you can share or donate.".

Donation Room
The Donation Room programme is a RAI initiative which is organised at various events in the RAI to prevent waste and help local initiatives by donating useful products. The next donation programmes will take place at Sibos in October 2022 and the Metstrade in November 2022.