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'Bike and drive through’ test centre opened in the RAI

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

As of Tuesday 2 June, Amsterdam residents can have themselves tested for Covid-19 from their bike, on foot or from their car window at the RAI Amsterdam convention centre. Locals from Amsterdam and the Amstelland region who are experiencing mild symptoms can make an appointment for a coronavirus test by calling the free national hotline on 0800-1202.

“It is vital that everyone with symptoms gets tested for Covid-19 in order to stop the disease from spreading as much as possible,” says Amsterdam alderman Simone Kukenheim (health care). “As of today, people in Amsterdam can come to the RAI on foot, by bike or in their car for a test. In exceptional circumstances people can be tested at home too. If a test turns out positive the municipal health service GGD will use the track & trace system to warn people with whom the infected individual has been in contact. We expect to have the capacity to test some 750 people a day in the coming weeks. If necessary, we can even adapt the number of GGD staff and expand the testing locations.”

The Dutch government has decided that anyone with symptoms such as a cold, cough, high temperature or sudden loss of taste and smell can now have themselves tested for coronavirus. GGD services throughout the Netherlands will use the first period as a start-up phase to see how many people actually get tested and how many of those have been infected.

“We are pleased to use part of our complex and facilities to support the city of Amsterdam and its residents by enabling these tests to be carried out,” comments RAI Amsterdam CEO Paul Riemens. “Hall 12 will be used to take tests from car windows while Entrance C is set up as a testing location for cyclists and pedestrians. Together with the GGD, we will ensure a safe and hospitable welcome.”

The previous Amsterdam test centre, opened on Stadstimmertuin in early April, has now been closed. All testing will now be carried out at RAI Amsterdam until 1 September.