FAQs - Safe working

Our safety regulations are listed in the Safe Working Practices Manual. The safety rules are also displayed on signs at the entrances to the RAI.

We have listed the changes for you in our Safe Working 3.0 Flyer.

Yes, safety shoes and a safety helmet are required unless otherwise communicated.

Personal protective equipment is available in our Access & Safety Center.

Safety shoes must meet the EN-ISO 20345 standard with a CE mark. Class S3 or higher is required during assembly and disassembly. Shoes must be properly maintained. A safety helmet must comply with the EN 397 standard with a CE mark.

No, a bump cap does not meet RAI safety requirements.

If you have registered in advance, you can collect your badge with your QR code at the Access & Safety Centre or at the entrances. Please do bring a valid ID with you.
If you have not pre-registered, you can obtain a badge at the Access & Safety Center. Again, please do not forget your ID.

At the Access & Safety Centre you can get more information about the different locations within the RAI.

This information is available in the exhibitor portal and/or is communicated by the organization of the event you are participating in.

No, this is not possible. However, after an event closes, it is possible to clean out your booth. From no later than 2.5 hours after the closure of an event it is possible to dismantle your stand. It is compulsory to wear personal protective equipment during the build-up and breakdown of an event.

You can find information about logistics around an event on our Logistics page RAI.

In some cases this is possible if prior or on-site permission is granted by the RAI.

For more information and the possibilities for storing materials please contact DB Schenker.

You should immediately call our emergency number +31 (0)20 549 12 34.