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Smart and sustainable mobility focus of ADW and Intertraffic

Friday, 29 March 2024

In the coming years, autonomous vehicles and drones will play an important role in successfully dealing with mobility challenges on land as well as in the air. It may still sound a bit like a pipe dream, but in the near future we will be moving around in driverless  remote-controlled taxis and goods will be moved by drones in order to minimise urban congestion. During Intertraffic Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Drone Week, held in RAI Amsterdam, the latest mobility developments will be showcased with a focus on ensuring that urban and other areas remain accessible and that cities are made more sustainable and liveable.

Together, Intertraffic and ADW provide the biggest mobility platform in the world, where representatives from the business community as well as the government and non-profit sector can showcase the intelligent, secure, and sustainable mobility solutions they are developing to shape the future of mobility. Intertraffic will run from Tuesday 16 April up to and including Friday 19 April. Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) starts on the same day but ends a day earlier.

Remote-controlled shared cars
The search for new solutions aimed at making cities and other regions more accessible and liveable is a major theme at both events. For example, the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and the Government of Ghana will be showing how drones are being used to deliver medicines and food to areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. In addition, there are representatives attending from the United States, France, Germany, China, Japan, and the Middle East as well as cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, and Hamburg who will explain what role drones and driverless vehicles can play in the urban landscape of the future.
Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission will also be present at both events to talk about the role that mobility can play in making cities and other regions not only safer but also more liveable.

Remote-controlled shared cars
Drone-assisted transport is a major theme at the ADW. Drone taxis will be used to transport people during the Olympic Summer Games in Paris, and Dubai has concrete plans to launch a drone taxi service in 2026. The CEOs of Ehang, Eve, Airbus, Lilium, Volocopter and Wisk (part of Boeing) will be present to discuss the latest developments in the area of drone-assisted passenger transport and the coordination of the necessary global regulations.

At Intertraffic, the spotlight will also be on technology. This year, the role of data and artificial intelligence in the implementation of intelligent mobility solutions will be highlighted. The demonstration by the Estonian company Elmo, which is presenting their remote-controlled shared car, shows what is already possible at the moment. Furthermore, TU Eindhoven with students from Solar Team Eindhoven will be present for demonstrations with the Stella Terra, the first off-road car that generates its required energy with solar cells. Visitors will also be able to see how AI is being used for monitoring and improving traffic flows.

Public-private partnerships
Safety and regulations will also be important themes at Intertraffic as well as ADW. The International Civil Aviation Organization, The European Authority for Aviation Safety, The International Road Federation, The Province of North Holland and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment will be present in Amsterdam. At Intertraffic, a great many examples will be presented of public-private partnerships aiming for sustainable mobility, such as the ability to provide travellers with customised information during large-scale roadworks and to organise sustainable urban mobility solutions.

In addition, the Dutch fire brigade will demonstrate how drones can be deployed to transport firefighters. The Medical Drone Service and the University Medical Center Groningen will explain how drones will enable them to transport medical products more quickly, sustainably, and reliably in the future.

An overview of the three-day ADW 2024 programme can be found here.
An overview of the four-day Intertraffic 2024 programme can be found here.

Registration & accreditation
Journalists are more than welcome to visit ADW 2024 and Intertraffic. Accreditation for ADW is possible via this link. Accreditation for Intertraffic is possible via this link.

About Intertraffic
Intertraffic is the leading international industrial platform for infrastructure, traffic management, safety, parking, and intelligent mobility solutions. With events in Amsterdam, China and Mexico, Intertraffic presents a complete range of the most up-to-date mobility solutions in combination with an extensive knowledge programme and the latest trends and developments. Intertraffic targets policy makers, specialists and operational officers at government entities, engineering and consultancy firms, and the business community. Intertraffic Amsterdam is the largest international mobility event in the world, with 900 exhibitors and 35,000 professionals from over 150 countries. 

About Amsterdam Drone Week
Amsterdam Drone Week is the leading global platform for sharing knowledge about current air-mobility solutions, innovations, and regulations. The aim is to facilitate value-added meetings between all the important players, knowledge institutions, and government bodies in order to enrich society via Urban Air Mobility. Via hybrid summits, expert sessions, and matchmaking, ADW connects the entire UAM-community when it comes to drone regulations, new technology, and future-oriented solutions. 

About RAI Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam is an international event and congress organisation. Since 1893, RAI Amsterdam has been connecting and inspiring people by organising and facilitating significant value-added meetings. These include public events, major congresses, international trade fairs, dance events, and theatre performances. In 2023, RAI Amsterdam welcomed over 1.5 million visitors through its doors. Each year, visitors to RAI Amsterdam spend approximately €200 million in the city of Amsterdam on hotel stays, taxis, public transport, restaurants, and shops.