Responsible Co-operation

Together against food waste

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Together, you accomplish more. A third of food production is being wasted. That is 1,3 billion tons per year worldwide. The disposal of food takes place throughout the food chain. At Instock, they want to change that by mapping out food waste. RAI Amsterdam fully supports this approach.

From the beginning of December, the fruit in the Hospitality Crew Centre and the Amtrium restaurant will come from residual flows from farmers, growers and producers. This fruit does not meet the strict requirements of supermarkets, because the fruit is too small, too large or does not have enough fruit on a bunch.

Paul Conijn, Product Specialist Food & Beverage at RAI Amsterdam: “For us, it is the way to do something back for the city by working with social projects and heart-warming products. Thanks to the collaboration we can use their products, which transform residual flows into an ingredient that significantly reduces our carbon footprint.”

What is the mission of Instock?

“A third of all food is wasted. We want to put food waste on the map! At our wholesale trade for rescued products ‘InstockMarket’ we collect residual flows and give these products a chance. On the one hand we create as much value as possible for growers, producers and traders, and on the other hand we help the catering industry to get surprisingly good products for the best price.

We also hope to contribute in a fun and positive way to create awareness about food waste, because food is enjoying! We have seen that we have been increasingly removed from our food. Nowadays, we don’t need much effort for our food, we have a lot of choice and there is food in abundance. With the cookbooks Instock Cooking and Circular Chefs, Pieper and Bammetjes Bier and our Instock Granola we hope to bring food closer.

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