Successful donation programme RAI Amsterdam

Successful Conclusion of various events with Donation Room Programme

Monday, 19 June 2023

Just like last year, both GreenTech and Provada concluded their events once again last Thursday with a donation program. Preceding GreenTech and Provada, Money2020 also held a donation program the previous week. Therefore, the donation program is currently operating at full capacity. Furthermore, the team of volunteers was different from the usual. Throughout GreenTech, Provada, and Money2020, our team exclusively comprised RAI colleagues!

Generous contributions

During Money2020, a significant quantity of drinking bottles, soft drinks, sweets, and snacks were donated, which the food bank promptly collected. The subsequent week, the food bank's crates were replenished during the GreenTech and Provada events. At GreenTech, an enormous amount of fruit, vegetables, and, of course, plants were collected. Provada amassed a variety of food and beverages. We extend immense gratitude to all exhibitors, as well as the organizations involved with Money2020, GreenTech, and Provada, for their generous donations.

Donation room RAI Amsterdam

The Donation Room programme is an initiative of the RAI which is organised at various events in the RAI to prevent waste and help local initiatives get products that can be used. Various organisations participate in the donation programme, including HVO-Querido, Regenbooggroep Amsterdam, the Voedselbank, Leger des Heils, Buurtgebouw Hendrik de Keijser, Logeerhuis and other charity initiatives. The next donation programme will take place during Rematec on 29 June.