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RAI food oversupply to be ordered via Too Good To Go

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

A Too Good To Go collection point has recently been opened at the RAI. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, our chefs offer a rescued meal, snack, bread, surprise or cake box via the Too Good To Go app. This Food-Waste Warrior app fights against food waste and the RAI fights with it. After ordering, customers can pick up the goodies at the RAI collection point. The pick-up point is located next to Entrance M.

Boxes full of rescued food
The boxes are composed of residual stocks that, due to the Corona situation, can no longer be used in the RAI's business in time. Via the Too Good To Go app, stocks are offered in attractive boxes and sold at an attractive rate. The initiative has just started and is already being used gratefully. The reactions are enthusiastic and with a satisfaction score of 4.87 on a scale of 5, it is being investigated how this app can be used by the RAI after the corona period.

Heartwarming Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam is undertaking various initiatives to prevent food waste, including by collaborating with the Salvation Army and the Food Bank to give leftover food a socially valuable new destination. The new collaboration with Too Good To Go is a welcome addition to the RAI's fight against food waste. On Wednesdays, the RAI delivers a hot meal made from residual flows to the homeless via the soup bus of the Legerdesheils in Amsterdam. The food that remains after production now also finds a new destination via the TooGoodToGo app. All of this is in line with the vision after which our kitchen undertakes, called "Hartwarming Amsterdam", with which the RAI kitchen is committed to making a social contribution to the Amsterdam region with food.

Do you also want to order a box from the RAI, download the Too Good To Go app in your appstore