RAI aisles made of recyclable carpet

Monday, 24 June 2019

RAI Amsterdam is this year testing the fully recyclable aisle carpeting Rewind by Beaulieu International Group. While Rewind carpeting looks just like the normal aisle carpet at the RAI, it is made using a completely different technology which does not involve any fossil resources.

Rewind carpeting is made from granulate material spun into threads which are then used to manufacture carpet in any desired colour. After an event, the entire carpet is again reduced to granulate that can later be reused for the same purpose. The major advantage of this process is that there is no wastage of materials, and carpet waste becomes a thing of the past. In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced by 35% and gas consumption by 83% compared to the production of latex carpet. We are testing the use and quality of the product in coordination with the organisers of events at the RAI. The carpet was first deployed during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit on 17 April and is currently being tested at ReMaTec, the world's leading trade exhibition for the remanufacturing industry. The 10th edition of ReMaTec will take place from Sunday 23 to Tuesday 25 June 2019.