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Celebrating a year of helping others

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Together with social initiatives, suppliers, clients and partners, the RAI stimulates valuable meetings that have a positive impact on society.

Just before Christmas, RAI Amsterdam organised a special event for personnel, social organisations, suppliers and partners where we could reflect on and celebrate the many fine social initiatives developed together during the course of 2019. It was a heart-warming evening fill of meaningful encounters!

The meeting was held at Vivium Torendael, a residential home for people with dementia with which we enjoyed a pleasant cooperation earlier in the year. Together with the RAI and its partners and suppliers, a part of Vivium Torendael was transformed into a magical theatre hall. In a fine example of circular thinking, various products and materials left over at the RAI were given a second life. Donations from suppliers such as ACS Audiovisual Solutions, Mansveld Expotech, Schreuder Tentoonstellingstapijt and Flora Harmelen, made the metamorphosis complete.

“This was a great location for an end-of-year celebration and a superb way to illustrate how we can make a difference together”, comments the RAI’s CSR manager Stephanie Mathas. “I have often marvelled over the past year at the possibilities that we at RAI Amsterdam have to impact people’s lives by working together with a wide range of social organisations, clients, suppliers and partners. It’s a truly heart-warming experience and this event gave us all a chance to reflect on what we have achieved.”

The attendees were treated to a special film made to give an impression of just a few of the many initiatives of the past year. In addition, stories, antidotes and words of thanks were shared by people involved in the various initiatives.

Here are a few of the responses to the event:

  • “This was a very well-organised evening with a relaxed and at times moving atmosphere. We have had a great time meeting everyone.” Bettien, Cordaan Amsterdam.
  • “It was wonderful to see so many committed people in one space and realise how enthusiastic everyone is about their projects.” Nadine, Vivium Torendael.
  • “We were impressed and happy to be a part of the RAI community.” Mohammed, ROC van Amsterdam college
  • “You can look back on a very successful year and this evening was the icing on the cake.” Marleen, Friends of the Beatrix Park

Watch here the film shown at the event:

Many thanks to everyone involved in making 2019 a year of heartening memories and may we continue to offer such a great level of support to those in need during 2020!