De RAI heeft een droom voor de toekomst
Building Future

The RAI’s dreams for the future

Thursday, 24 January 2019

We have designed a dream for the future: what should the RAI look like in this environment? The RAI’s strategy and business model are focused on finding a healthy balance between social (people), ecological (planet) and economic (profit) value creation. At the same time the RAI wishes to strengthen its link to Amsterdam and the residents of this city. The RAI 2030 spatial development plan includes an overview of initiatives to improve the look & feel on and around the Europaplein, reduce the number of logistics movements and enhance our connection to the city.

The impact of the RAI is substantial. In addition to economic value, we generate employment for some 7,000 people and add knowledge and innovation to the city via our business. On the other hand, we are a large building in the south of Amsterdam. We aim to be a place where exhibition & conference visitors and neighbourhood residents, local entrepreneurs, students, start-ups and other groups feel welcome and can easily come together.

There are plans to make the RAI more than just an event platform and to engage further with the city. The RAI will become a venue for enjoying food, sports and various cultures. Our aim of being one of the jewels of Amsterdam is further visualised and animated in our future vision. It involves a design – a mindset – only. Although many practical issues still have to be addressed, the goal is to offer an image of the future. A timeline cannot yet be determined: a lengthy period will be required to work out the financing, project teams, licenses, designs and other issues before realisation can even be started.