RAI Amsterdam tekent ambitieverklaring Green Business Club Zuidas 2021 – 2025
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RAI Amsterdam signs ambition statement Green Business Club Zuidas 2021 - 2025

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Under the watchful eye of Alderman Victor Everhardt, RAI CEO Paul Riemens, together with 55 other parties in the Zuidas, signed on behalf of the RAI the ambition statement Green Business Club Zuidas 2021 - 2025, containing concrete ambitions for the coming years. The Zuidas of natural gas, a largely emission-free fleet, 25,000m2 water-storing green roof, a plan for more greenery and nesting boxes up to a Zero Waste Zuidas. With this signature, the RAI endorses the importance of and work on both its own sustainable business operations and a sustainable environment.

To combine forces
RAI Amsterdam is a proud participant of Green Business Club Amsterdam Zuidas (GBC Zuidas). An impact organization in which 55 participants, companies, governments and knowledge institutions from Zuidas, work on making the area more sustainable and its own operations through the implementation of concrete projects. All participants agree that the ambitions to make the area more sustainable can only be achieved if forces are joined. Alderman Victor Everhardt during his speech: “Together we are strong. We inspire each other and work together. No matter how different we are in what we do, we share the ambition to make this area and our operations more sustainable. We do not stick to ambitions in the Zuidas, but we put our money where our mouth is. So that when you hear the word Zuidas, everyone will not only think of innovation and economic success, but also think: there are companies and institutions that have taken responsibility for a cleaner, greener city. There the road to Paris, to that important goal, is paved and made reality. I look forward to the next 10 years in this collaboration, so that we can achieve our ambitions together. "

Sustainable development RAI Amsterdam
The ambition statement is fully in line with the sustainable vision of RAI Amsterdam. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has an integral place in the RAI organization and business strategy. What we do, we want to do in a socially responsible manner, in the perception and experience of society. RAI Amsterdam is continuously committed to preventing or minimizing its negative impact on society where possible, while RAI is actively looking for opportunities to increase its social contribution.

About Green Businnes Club Zuidas
Green Business Club (GBC) Zuidas is an impact organization with 55 participants, including RAI Amsterdam, that focuses on achieving concrete sustainable results by initiating sustainable projects. GBC Zuidas is an independent foundation and was founded in 2011 by, among others, ABN AMRO, ORAM and the municipality of Amsterdam Zuidas.