water taps at entrance K

RAI Amsterdam introduces sustainable water taps

Thursday, 11 January 2024

Amsterdam, 10 January 2024 - The new water taps at RAI Amsterdam have been launched, a step in the fight against disposable plastic. This new innovation fits seamlessly with RAI's mission: facilitating sustainable choices for guests and employees. Placed at Entrance C and Entrance K, the water tap points make it easy for visitors and employees to refill their reusable water bottles, reducing the purchase of disposable bottles and plastic pollution.

In line with its mission, the RAI emphasises the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It aims to make a positive impact on the environment and create a green, healthy, and hospitable event ecosystem. The introduction of the water taps contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable behaviour among visitors and employees. Maarten Huikeshoven, Real Estate Coordinator and involved in several CSR projects, shares his enthusiasm: "It is great to see that small steps can make a visible impact. Especially with the new legislation approaching, this allows us to help our visitors make sustainable choices and reduce waste."

The RAI embraces "Making a positive impact, one event at a time". This goes beyond simply reducing plastic waste. It is a message that any event organiser can integrate into their communication strategy. By implementing environmental, social, and economic best practices, event organisers can not only increase the value of their event, but also make a positive contribution to the planet.

RAI invites organisers to work together to make greener events a reality. The approach focuses on creating environmental, social and governance value, with specific targets for sustainability, social engagement, and growth. With the recently introduced water taps, the RAI is not only taking a concrete step towards a plastic-free future, but also towards shaping a sustainable and hospitable event landscape. This is how the vision of "Making a positive impact, one event at a time" actually becomes a reality at RAI Amsterdam.