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Thursday, 14 March 2024

Amsterdam, 14 of March - On Friday, March 8, during International Women's Day, we took an important step toward a diverse and inclusive work environment by launching the Diversity & Inclusion Policy. This policy, which will be in effect for the next two years, is the result of close cooperation with the Diversity & Inclusion ambassadors and applies to all employees, regardless of their position.

Diversity & Inclusion 
The policy, focusing on topics such as Diversity, Social Safety, Belonging and Equality, emphasizes the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture within our organization. Although specific topics such as LGBTQ+, cultural background and gender are less visibly highlighted, this does not mean that they are less important. On the contrary, they are integrated into the policy and actively addressed, while RAI Amsterdam's vision remains focused on both diversity and inclusion.

"I am very proud that the RAI is tackling this issue and that RAI will soon be the workplace for everyone as it is for all our events." - Jaimie Roelofs, Diversity & Inclusion ambassador. 

Walk the Talk
RAI Amsterdam takes its commitment to Diversity & Inclusion seriously and strives to take action rather than just words. Concrete steps, such as implementing a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, will be taken to promote equal opportunities within the workforce.

RAI Amsterdam affirms its commitment to Diversity and Inclusion by promoting transparency. The policy is shared with all employees so that everyone is aware of the goals and commitments. Stakeholders are actively invited to join the effort and experience the importance of diversity and inclusion. 

Our dedication 
The Diversity & Inclusion project team is committed to achieving every aspect of the policy and associated plan of action to create an inclusive environment that reflects RAI Amsterdam's core values. We continuously monitor progress and adjust our efforts to ensure that we continue to foster a diverse and inclusive community.

"Diversity is a fact inclusion is an act" - Dr. Richard White

Curious about the entire policy? Check it out here.