Annual report Amsterdam

Physical meetings are here to stay

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

In the recently published RAI Amsterdam - annual report 2021, we look back on a challenging year. One that started with closed doors for events, and ended the same way. During the period in between a lot happened. The RAI showed her economic and social value to the city of Amsterdam and far beyond. Besides this, it became clear that a screen and internet connection cannot replace physical meetings. In the short time we were open for events, our exhibition and convention centre was bursting with energy.

With the introduction of the first vaccines against Covid-19, 2021 promised to be the year the Netherlands would return to “normal”. Approaching summer, results were so positive that the government - after already lifting some Covid-related restrictions - decided to make events possible again. Half a year of physical meetings at the RAI was lost in 2021, but this time was well spent. Intensive client contact, the launch of Covid-proof event concepts, supporting the public health service of Amsterdam and societal initiatives, and the preparation of re-opening the RAI is what occupied us at the time. These activities made it possible to reopen the (business) event season of Amsterdam as a congress city in August.

From August to December we experienced the busiest months in our history. Professionals from various sectors came together with representatives from start-ups, corporations, government bodies, knowledge institutions and more. To share and gather knowledge, to network and to do business. Due to the arrival of a new Covid variant, we ended the year exactly as we started it: With closed doors for events.

As of February 2022, exhibitions, conferences and other types events are made possible again by the Dutch government. Since then, the RAI performs at full capacity and the outlook for the upcoming years is promising, with new international exhibitions such as Silicone Expo, Coldwater Seafood and Interspill added to the agenda. We also welcome increasingly more relevant medical congresses, like EAU, ESC, IASP World on Pain and ESCRS.

The RAI is back on the world stage and will bring together people from all over the world, physically and virtually. We are looking forward to welcoming you as well!