Annual report

RAI Amsterdam is a fully independent company financed by private means. Each year we publish our annual report, which gives a comprehensive review of our current activities and our vision for the future.

All activities come under RAI Amsterdam B.V., a subsidiary of RAI Holding B.V. This holding is owned by Amsterdam Council (25%) and the RAI Association (75%).

Below you can read the foreword by our CEO which includes some highlights of this past year as well as the complete reports of recent years. To view the full highlights as well as the annual report 2020, please click on the image.

Foreword by the CEO

2020 got off to a promising start. While we were following the developments concerning the Corona virus abroad and taking the necessary precautions, a number of major events took place in the RAI in the first months of the year. Many events which are important for the mission-driven top sectors in the Netherlands were planned for 2020. This prospect was drastically disrupted by the rapid spread of the COVID-19.

While our exhibition and conference complex was been mainly used as a test (and later vaccination) facility in the fight against Covid-19 in 2020, we did everything in our power to guarantee the continuity of our company and prepare for events as soon as these were allowed to take place. Our toughest measure involved a substantial reorganisation. An extremely painful but necessary move to secure the RAI’s financial position. With a more horizontal and compact organisation we continued to work on projects which could be launched during the COVID crisis. A digital proposition was developed for organising and facilitating virtual events so that meetings could take place both during and after the pandemic.

The corona protocol and scripts are in place to start physical and hybrid events. With a well-filled event calendar that goes beyond 2025, the RAI will return to the world stage stronger than ever. To bring people together, physically and virtually, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and to inspire. We can hardly wait!

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