Annual report

RAI Amsterdam is a fully independent company financed by private means. Each year we publish our annual report, which gives a comprehensive review of our current activities and our vision for the future.

All activities come under RAI Amsterdam B.V., a subsidiary of RAI Holding B.V. This holding is owned by Amsterdam Council (25%) and the RAI Association (75%).

Below you can read the foreword by our CEO which includes some highlights of this past year as well as the complete reports of recent years. To view the full highlights as well as the annual report 2021, please click on the image.

Foreword by the CEO

In the annual report, we look back on an eventful year for RAI Amsterdam. For a long time our doors were closed for events in 2021, but opened to the public as a test and vaccination location of the public health service of Amsterdam (GGD). During this period, we maintained intensive contact with our stakeholders, introduced Covid-proof concepts, supported various social initiatives and prepared ourselves for the start of a new (business) event season and the reopening of Amsterdam as a conference city.

With a large number of postponed events, we experienced the busiest months in our history until November 2021. Professionals from many sectors came into contact with each other and with representatives of start-ups, governmental and knowledge institutions, multinationals and more. To gather and share knowledge, to network and to do business. Due to the arrival of a new Covid variant, we ended the year the way we started it. With closed doors for events.

In June 2022, the RAI is running at full speed again. With a well-filled agenda for the coming years, the outlook is good. The RAI is back on the world stage, bringing people all over the world together, both physically and virtually. We look forward to welcoming you too!

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