COVID-19 Events Responsible

Protocol determined for business events in the Netherlands

Thursday, 18 June 2020

The protocol for business events in the Netherlands presented by the Eventplatform trade organisation to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has been accepted. It shows how the events sector is ready and able to organise safe and responsible business events while maintaining social distancing.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has confirmed that the protocol gives personnel, clients, suppliers and others stakeholders confidence that the sector is able to work in a safe and responsible manner while staying Covid-19-secure. It also supports the Dutch government in coming to a decision regarding the phased opening of the events sector once the health situation allows.

Regulations unchanged at this stage
The protocol serves as an agreement between the events sector and affiliated parties, with the sector itself being accountable for living up to its terms. It does not replace any regulations and the current Covid-19 measures for the sector still apply. Together with trade associations and related parties, RAI Amsterdam is working tirelessly to reopen its doors as soon as possible, using the guidelines in the protocol tailored to its situation.

We are proud to have cooperated with the trade associations to establish these guidelines for organising meetings in a responsible way, taking into account the guidelines of the government and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.