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The Netherlands long for events

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

People in The Netherlands long for live events and are willing to do a lot to visit them again. This is an outcome of a large survey by Fieldlab Events in collaboration with Radboudumc. The survey was conducted among 29,929 visitors of corporate events, sporting events and entertainment such as concerts, festivals and theatre.

Pieter Lubberts of the Fieldlab Events Program Team: “The research confirms what we already felt in our industry, The Netherlands longs for live events, be it sports, business or entertainment. The survey, which was conducted together with Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss and Dr. Nikki Kenters, gives us many important insights. With these insights, we are able to finalise the planning for the pilots we wish to carry out in October and November. These will be initiated together with the industry and scientists, so that we can properly map its effects. In any case, it is clear that increasing the capacity at events is crucial for the survival of the industry.”

Safe and responsible
The research shows that there is a lot of confidence in safety at events. When asked whether it is considered safe to attend, this is confirmed by visitors of sports (94%), entertainment (93%) and business (92%) events. The visitor has a great sense of responsibility, at business events in particular where 89% indicate that they would stay at home by themselves with symptoms of corona, compared to 82% at sporting events and 79% at entertainment events.

Measures are widely accepted
To make events possible on a larger scale, the visitor is willing to accept various measures. Nine out of ten visitors would allow a temperature measurement and three out of four visitors are willing to undergo a quick corona test. Also accepted are wearing a face mask (76% to 85%), phased arrival and departure (86% to 96%) and fixed seating during events (75% to 89%).

Safe events at RAI Amsterdam
The results of the survey are valuable to the RAI. Maurits van der Sluis, COO RAI Amsterdam: “The longing for live events strengthens our ambition to organise and facilitate these in a safe, responsible and hospitable manner. Research confirms that we are on the right track with concepts such as "The stage is yours!". It also confirms that our corona protocol contains measures that visitors are willing to accept. The survey provides us with insights and leads for further discussions with our stakeholders.”

The full results per sector are available via the Fieldlab Events website (Dutch only). The survey was conducted between August 24 and September 17, 2020.

Source: Fieldlab Events