Events under conditions safe

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The first findings of the study conducted by Fieldlab Events have been shared with the Dutch government. The results show that events, such as performances and conferences, can be organised safely as long as a number of security measures are met.

According to Fieldlab, seated events that take place indoors, and where the public behaves calmly, can be safely organised. With a maximum of half of the normal capacity, people would not have to maintain the current social distancing measure. Visitors must test themselves in advance and wear a face mask when moving around. Good ventilation is also required.

Fieldlab shared the results with the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), the advisory board that advises the central government in the fight against the Corona virus. It is not yet known when the central government will decide on the advice of the OMT.

The research results are based on the trial events that took place in February 2021 at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht. A business conference and a theater performance were organised there. Visitors were admitted after a negative test result and divided into so-called bubbles, between which different corona measures applied. Afterwards, visitors were asked to test themselves again. After the pilots in Utrecht, another six trial events were organised, from outdoor festivals to football matches.

RAI Amsterdam is one of the companies that actively participates in the Fieldlab initiative to accelerate the return to the full operation of events with an increased visitor capacity. The RAI has drawn up its own corona protocol "RAI Amsterdam - safe, responsible and hospitable" and launched corona-proof concepts, such as The Stage is Yours!, to ensure that events take place safely during this time.

Pilot by the central government
The central government has recently launched another initiative to accelerate cultural, sports and recreational activities. Various locations, such as museums, football fields and theme parks, are participating and grant access to participants and visitors who show a negative test result, carried out by Stichting Open Nederland. A maximum number of participants or visitors per location applies with this pilot. Although this pilot is being carried out in other sectors, its success will certainly contribute to the desired rapid return of events in the Netherlands.

At RAI Amsterdam we are monitoring the developments closely. Updates will follow on our website as soon as possible. Click for more about Fieldlab Events and the pilot of the Dutch government.