Cisco Live! Europe komt in 2021 naar RAI Amsterdam

Cisco Live! Europe in RAI Amsterdam from 2021

Friday, 31 January 2020

Smart City Amsterdam will be hosting this huge Cisco event over the next three years

Cisco has chosen RAI Amsterdam as the location for its grand annual Cisco Live! Europe user conference. Smart City Amsterdam will host this event – expected to attract more than 18,000 visitors from around the world – over three years starting in January 2021.

The European edition of Cisco Live! is an important driver for innovation, knowledge exchange and business growth on the continent. Cisco anticipates that more than 40% of the visitors to the 2021 Cisco Live! Europe will be entirely new to the event. Moreover, many are expected to be CxOs and executives. This shift in the type of visitors from tech-oriented to business/management is a reflection of Cisco's strategy, which is strongly focused on strategic services.

The choice of Amsterdam was based on a range of factors, including the leading position the Netherlands occupies within Europe in terms of technological innovation, connectivity and business growth potential. In addition, the country is known for its excellent digital infrastructure and highly active and successful start-up ecosystem. Amsterdam Smart City is also one of the most successful smart city projects in the world. Cisco Live! Europe represents a significant investment in the Dutch capital that fits into the municipality’s digital agenda.

Joint vision and ambition in terms of digital innovation
RAI Amsterdam’s vision and ambition in the field of digital innovation also seamlessly connects with Cisco’s vision and ambition as well as its social Cisco DVN (Digitale Versnelling Nederland, Digital Acceleration Netherlands) programme. Cisco has deployed the DVN programme to stimulate innovation in the Netherlands through a range of business and social initiatives. Furthermore, RAI Amsterdam will offer advanced digital possibilities in 2021 which will place new, advanced services and facilities at the service of visitors to high-tech events such as Cisco Live!

“The Netherlands and Smart City Amsterdam provide an impressive degree of stimulation in terms of innovation, ensuring that both large and small companies have everything they need to grow,” says Edwin Prinsen, Managing Director of Cisco Netherlands. “Given its premium facilities and our excellent cooperation over recent years, RAI Amsterdam is without doubt the best choice for Cisco Live! Europe. I will be very proud to welcome thousands of visitors here over the next three years."

RAI Amsterdam is also working with Cisco on the deployment of a large-scale Wi-Fi 6 wireless network environment. This will ensure that the RAI is the first exhibition and conference venue in the Netherlands to switch to the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. This wireless network will serve visitors better and faster, giving them access to a range of new services and possibilities – examples include location-based services and 8K video streaming. In addition, the Wi-Fi 6 network will offer RAI Amsterdam operational benefits such as more options for fully automating the optimisation of the network for a range of purposes, including intent-based networking.

“Events and conferences at RAI Amsterdam are all about stimulating innovation,” points out RAI Amsterdam CEO Paul Riemens. “This is why we are fully focused on creating the best possible conditions for entrepreneurship, knowledge exchange and value creation. This helps us enable event organisers to achieve their objectives. The RAI’s advanced facilities and strong links to the city of Amsterdam provide Cisco with the perfect conditions to further enhance its global presence & reputation, strengthening its relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.”