Cardiologencongres ESC naar Amsterdam

Cardiology congress ESC returns to Amsterdam

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Cardiology congress ESC, European Society of Cardiology, is coming to Amsterdam in 2023. Cardiologists from all over the world will present and discuss the latest developments, research and insights in the field of cardiovascular disease at this conference. Before the Corona crisis, this congress attracted approximately 30,000 participants from over 140 countries. Participants can choose to follow the conference digitally.

RAI Amsterdam is delighted to host the cardiology congress ESC again in 2023 after ten years. Maurits van der Sluis, COO RAI Amsterdam: “Our portfolio consists largely of national and international events that strengthen the top sectors in the Netherlands. ESC is one of these events, where innovation and the sharing of knowledge in the field of Life Sciences & Health are key. We are very aware of the impact of Europe's largest medical conference and are committed to making the ESC Congress 2023 a success”.

Isabel Bardinet, CEO ESC, is looking forward to the congress in our capital: “Amsterdam is a unique city, with a rich culture and a good living and scientific climate. The city has a very special setting and rich history. At the same time the city also looks to the future. The ESC and Amsterdam share the desire to cure and reduce cardiovascular diseases and we are working together on this, as we have done before”. 

New conference plan
Attracting the ESC Congress is in line with the new conference plan of the city of Amsterdam. “Amsterdam will invest 3.7 million euros in the acquisition of conferences over the next four years. It is a great to kick off our new conference plan with the well-known ESC Congress. I look forward to receiving ESC and its visitors in our city. The conference offers a great opportunity for collaboration with universities and companies in the field of Life Sciences & Health in Amsterdam, and specifically in the field of heart research”, says councillor of Amsterdam Victor Everhardt (Economic Affairs).

The conference plan is meant to ensure that Amsterdam becomes one of the more important conference cities in Europe. In recent years, Amsterdam has been hovering around the top 10 of the International Congress and Convention Association's ranking, behind cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon or Copenhagen. Conferences provide income, employment, training positions and reinforces the local economic sectors, such as Life Sciences & Health. Conferences also attract business visitors who cause relatively little pressure and inconvenience on the public space. Conferences usually take place outside the high season and the expenditure of the conference visitor on catering and culture is high. Conference visitors also spread throughout the city, not just in the city centre.

Amsterdam wants to bind non-commercial conferences in the areas of Life Sciences & Health, Tech, sustainability, FinTech and the creative industry to the city. Amsterdam will facilitate conference visitors in connecting with companies, universities, colleges and research centres in the region, in order to stimulate collaboration and innovation. Conferences thus create social impact and added value for residents and businesses. Every euro invested in the Amsterdam conference plan has an expected financial added value for Amsterdam and its entrepreneurs of 51 euros this year, rising to 194 euros in 2024.