Outside RAI Amsterdam during the ESC congress

24,000 cardiologists converged at Europe's largest medical conference (ESC)

Friday, 1 September 2023

After a ten year hiatus, Amsterdam was once again set the stage for Europe’s largest medical conference: the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). At the ESC Congress 2023, cardiologists and researchers joined forces with their colleagues, peers, and cardiology heroes, to protect the heart and create the future of cardiology. From 25-28 August, RAI Amsterdam was the central meeting place for approximately over 24,000 onsite and 6000 online. 

The ESC Congress is famous as the largest meeting of medical practitioners in Europe and the largest conference covering cardiovascular issues in the world. This year’s spotlight at the ESC Congress will be on heart failure. Many of the problems cardiovascular professionals deal with are either the cause or complications of heart failure, including coronary artery disease, valvular problems, stroke, arrhythmias and sudden death. Heart failure is relevant to all areas of cardiology and beyond, including obesity, diabetes and chronic kidney disease, which is why it makes it such a relevant subject for ESC.

The RAI and the city of Amsterdam
The Amsterdam region is an ideal location to organize the event and facilitate the many participants. Many leading life sciences companies are located here, as well as four leading research centers. Dennis Speet, Director Amsterdam Convention Bureau: “We are proud to welcome the ESC's scientists, doctors, nurses and paramedics who work in all areas of cardiology. These specialists contribute to the knowledge in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the Netherlands and together face the challenges of the future.”

"All the ingredients for a successful cardiology conference were present," continues Maurits van der Sluis, COO at RAI Amsterdam. “We hope that the many knowledge sessions and information sharing will break new ground for the industry.”

The conference in numbers
Leading scientists will give more than 800 scientific sessions, plenary lectures and seminars on the latest research and clinical trials during the ESC Congress 2023. The 3,752 abstracts accepted from ninety countries will cover more than 100 cardiovascular issues. More information on what to expect can be found here.