Access policy during build up and breakdown

RAI Amsterdam only accessible to those with a valid badge during set up and take down.

Stand builders/suppliers

Stand builders and Suppliers can only access RAI Amsterdam during set up and take down if they can show a set up and take down badge.

You have to register to acquire such a badge. You are kindly requested to have your stand builders and suppliers register in advance as much as possible. This will improve throughput upon arrival at the RAI. After registering, a collection voucher will be issued with which the set up and take down badge can be collected from various locations at the RAI.

Stand builders and suppliers can also register upon arrival at the RAI if they show valid ID. They may however have to wait for some time.

The registration module for set up and take down badges can be reached via the RAI Security Portal. We kindly request that you communicate this information and the link to your stand builders and suppliers.

Should you have any questions concerning registration for set up or take down, please contact RAI Security:
+31 (0)20 549 30 06


During set up, exhibitors can access RAI Amsterdam using the voucher for the Exhibitors' badge. A set up badge is issued immediately if the voucher is scanned at one of the columns near the entry doors.

For further information on ordering Exhibitors' badges please refer to the Webshop.

Personal Protection Equipment

The wearing of approved safety shoes is compulsory during the set up and take down period. Hard hats are only compulsory if the red flashing light is on in the halls.

It is not compulsory to wear safety shoes or a hard hat during the furnishing period. This also applies on the last day of the trade fair after the fair closes.

Safety Rules

Please also refer to for the general rules on safe working.