RAI surroundings

Having an international exhibition and conference centre as a neighbour has advantages, but can also be difficult. We do a lot to maintain safe and pleasant living and working in the vicinity of the RAI. For example, we try to limit nuisance, we work on safety and we keep a close eye on noise standards.

We are working on improving the connection with the city and at the same time making the logistics process more sustainable. More than is currently the case, we also want to improve the quality of life in our area for Amsterdammers. We are discussing this with the municipality of Amsterdam. We also want to add public functions to the area and thus make space available for the city. You can read more about this here.

Calendar of busy periods at the RAI

The RAI wants to keep you informed of expected busy periods in and around our premises.

During the months August and September we are not expecting busy periods.

We have therefore put together this calendar, which you can check at any time to see the heavy traffic, road blocks or neighbourhood posts that are likely to occur around the RAI on any given day.

Legende: = Car = Taxi = Truck

News for the neighborhood


Don’t miss out on interesting news, offers and information about upcoming events with our online newsletter for neighbours.

Neighbourhood meeting

We regularly organise a neighbourhood meeting to talk to our neighbours. Want to know more about the next neighbourhood meeting?


Our neighbours can contact us via the office telephone number: 06 543 92 845 or by sending an e-mail to buren@rai.nl.
You can report complaints here.