Trends & innovation

RAI Amsterdam presents The Event Industry Hackathon

Why not organise a hackathon during your next event? It stimulates innovation in the sector, attracts a new target group and adds significant dynamics to the event. We recently organised our first hackathon and are pleased to share our experiences with you.



RAI Innovation beckons

Exhibitions and conferences are a source of innovation, meetings and growth. But this doesn’t happen all by itself. How can venues and organisers work together to ensure that events have and maintain the highest possible impact and relevance? And what does this mean for the country and city where the events take place?


'Increase your business competitiveness through technology'

Placing innovation centre stage

Innovation is always one of the top three reasons to visit an exhibition. So how exactly do you make the future feel tangible as an exhibition organiser? You certainly need to do more than simply showcase new developments or products. But what else is there? Which exciting methods and techniques can you use? How do you connect with parties who lead the way in this evolution? And what kind of innovation content makes the biggest difference?



Innovation in visitor experience

How to make visitors content while collecting important data

Making the orientation, registration process, visit and follow-up communication more user-friendly and effective helps visitors experience an event as more valuable. It also provides important information for organisers. This applies to both business and public events. Which tools are available to you as an organiser, and how do you extract the interesting information from them?