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Safe and sustainable benches in Beatrixpark

Friday, 5 June 2020

New life for old trees

The Beatrixpark in Amsterdam South now features two unique benches donated to the park by the RAI. Some four metres long, the benches were made from plane trees removed from near the RAI complex during the renovation of Hall 5. Created together with the Stadshout sawmill, the length of the benches makes them ideal for safely meeting people while maintaining the government-specified 1.5-metre distance. The benches were placed by civil engineering company Griekspoor, one of the RAI’s suppliers.

“The benches are especially useful in these times,” says Marleen Munniksma, chair of the Friends of Beatrixpark Foundation. “Already being put to great use by our visitors, they’re perfect for enjoying the lovely Beatrixpark together in these difficult times while maintaining a safe distance.The benches are a tree-mendous addition to the park!”

RAI Amsterdam has already donated two tree benches to Beatrixpark last year, which were placed nearby the kiosk. Two more benches were donated to the local Food Bank, and four placed on the RAI premises with more benches to follow. The wood that remained after the benches were made was turned by the Stadshout sawmill into cutting boards for use by the RAI’s catering department during meetings. In addition to using the felled trees for benches and cutting boards, the RAI will also be planting several new trees on the premises.

So, if you’re looking for a nice, sunny spot near the RAI to meet at a safe distance, check out these unique tree benches close to the water in the Beatrixpark.