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RAI Amsterdam enhances smoking policy and promotes health

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

RAI Amsterdam has a responsibility to safeguard the well-being of its employees and visitors, necessitating recent adjustments to the smoking policy. Last week, various enhancements were made to the smoking-related facilities. New waste bins, ashtrays, tiles, and signage were installed, designating all entrances, including entrance doors, as smoke-free zones. Although smoking is already strictly prohibited within the premises of RAI, it is permitted in public areas. The acquisition of the new facilities serves to provide clearer indications of where smoking is and is not allowed.

The primary objective behind these facility upgrades and signage installation is to ensure the protection of employees and visitors from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke. Additionally, they aim to set a positive example by encouraging the disposal of cigarette butts in ashtrays and discouraging smoking in close proximity to exits. Furthermore, these actions align with the government's ambition to foster a smoke-free generation by 2040.

A new destination for the bins

In addition to alleviating the burden on non-smokers, the replacement of these facilities holds a secondary social benefit. The old bins from RAI have found a new purpose at several Salvation Army community centers, where they can be put to good use.

Smoking is permitted outside the grounds of RAI, within designated areas that are equipped with ashtrays. The accompanying image illustrates the specific locations where smoking is allowed, as indicated by smoking signs.

rai map for smoking visitors