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HeenenWeer Foundation parks vehicles at RAI Amsterdam

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

RAI Amsterdam has given the HeenenWeer Foundation permission to use its parking facilities for free from 29 May 2019. The foundation normally parks its electric vehicles at d’Oude Raai, which is currently under renovation, and is grateful to the RAI for this solution. The temporary situation will apply until the renovation is complete in 2020 and the green cars can return to their usual spot.

HeenenWeer is a social service for residents of the De Pijp and Rivierenbuurt districts who cannot walk short distances on their own. Each resident is linked to a social volunteer driver, who can transport them with one of the electric vehicles when needed. This helps residents with things like shopping for groceries, attending a doctor’s appointment, eating out, exercising, going to the market or visiting a friend.

Given the upcoming renovation of d'Oude Raai, where HeenenWeer normally parks its vehicles, the foundation was looking for temporary accommodation elsewhere. RAI Amsterdam agreed to open its facilities to the four cars so they can be safely parked and charged in the neighbourhood. This will enable HeenenWeer to continue to provide transport services to people in need of help. The HeenenWeer Foundation currently has around 35 volunteers who take part as drivers or planners.